Here's Viva Video App Overview you should check out.

Name VivaVideo
Supported System iOS / Android
Latest Version 7.3.2 / 7.3.5
Total Downloads 380 Million +
Rating 4.8(5) / 4.6(5)
Requirement iOS 9 or higher / Android 4.0.3 or higher
Developer QuVideo Inc.
Price Free

About VivaVideo

VivaVideo is one of the best video editing programs around the world. As people are increasingly value the importance that video is performing, they are more willing to create, edit and save videos for personal use, for example, to in memory of some special moments in lives, to record down the important information on meetings, etc. Therefore, to make all these processes simple, VivaVideo editor is here to help.




VivaVideo can be used as a powerful camera to record videos in high quality. Moreover, VivaVideo camera is equipped with abundant of video editing effects, video clipping functions, video footage for modifying the videos in post production. Users can make their own videos with the help of VivaVideo. And VivaVideo also strives itself to the best, continuing to offer professional video edit services to users.

VivaVideo provides app for both iOS and Android devices. Users can easily get VivaVideo app in App Store or VivaVideo APK in Google Play Store. VivaVideo also offers VIP plan for users to experience more amazing video editing features. Additionally, VivaVideo Pro is also recommended.

Highlighted Features of VivaVideo Editor
  • Record life with high quality VivaVideo camera.
  • Edit videos with professional and maneuverable tools.
  • Offer abundant of themes, filters and stickers to make your videos more personalized and amazing.
  • Provide 18 different languages for users from different countries to enjoy VivaVideo app simply.

Screenshots of VivaVideo

Functions of VivaVideo

Viva Planet - Discover Interesting Videos

Most videos on VivaVideo are made by users to share their lives moments, useful skills, or the funny events in daily life.

VivaVideo's Viva Planet is a huge video library. This library is divided into 3 sections. In "Following" section, you can watch the videos shared by your friends or the celebrities you have followed. Head to "Feature", here VivaVideo recommends lots of hot videos for you. Finally, in "Discover", you can browse more interesting videos according to the classifications.



Video Edit - Make Your Videos Personalized

VivaVideo editing function is one of its highlights. There are tens of themes, 12 edit functions and 6 video effects provided to users for modifying their videos. Take a simple glance at them now.

① Theme
These themes provided in VivaVideo are suitable for different kinds of videos. You can select the most appropriate one according to the theme of your video. For example, there are themes for graduation, summer days, friends, couples, sports, and so on. Adding theme to video is energy-efficient for making much fancy videos. Additionally, you can also add background music to the video.

② Clip edit
Filter - change the hue of the original videos. There are 69 different filters for selection.
Canvas - by changing the canvas can adjust the video, especially when you need to upload them to some social platform for sharing.
Trim - shorten the video by wiping off its unnecessary parts.
Split - divide the long video into small parts.
Duplicate - add a same video to edit immediately.
Speed - change the speed of playing the video from 1/4 to 4 times faster.
Adjust (VIP required) - this function allows users to adjust the video's brightness, contract, temperature, etc., making sure that the video has a favorable visual effect.
Reverse - play the video from the end to the beginning.
Mute - removing the sound from video.
Rotate - adjust the video to the right angles for better watching.
Transition (for 2 or more videos) - add special effects to the transition between two different videos.
Select (for 2 or more videos) - select all the videos added to edit.

Clip Edit Function


③ Effects
Multi Music - users can add different music cuts to the same video.
Text - add special captions or watermarks to the video here.
Sticker - VivaVideo provides many cute stickers for users. By adding some to the video is able to make it more vivid.
Collage - you can add another picture or photo to the video in your preference.
FX - modify the video with special effects here to make it becomes more amazing.
Sound - everyone can be a dubbing specialist and add your own voice to the video.


Camera - Shoot and Record the Moments By Yourself

Except for a video edit tool, VivaVideo also works as a great camera, helping users to record their lives. There are 3 shooting patterns for users to select from VivaVideo camera freely.

① Basic
The Basic VivaVideo camera offers high definition shooting, which enables users to record things in high quality, giving them the best shooting experience. There are some special tools can be used here such as filter, speed, flash, count down, composition lines, etc.

② Selfie
This VivaVideo camera mostly used for selfie, when you have to shoot the video by yourself. VivaVideo offers great filters, stickers to users. At the same time, it allows users to adjust the beauty levels in their own freely.

③ MusicLens
MusicLens pattern enables users to add music as the background sound then shoot the video. People are able to create their own music video now!

VivaVideo Shortcuts

VivaVideo has added some shortcuts to its main page, helping users to get a fast access to edit or create their own life stories. The shortcuts include Slideshow, MusicLens, LoveVideo, Effects, Selfie, PIP-Edit, and PIP-Film.

VivaVideo Shortcuts

2. VivaVideo Pro

QuVideo Inc. also released VivaVideo Pro for users to experience even more professional and maneuverable. Grasp a look at VivaVideo Pro's basic information below.
VivaVideo Pro Logo


Here's the App Overview you should check out.

Name VivaVideo Pro
Supported System iOS / Android
Latest Version 5.9.5 / 5.8.4
Requirement iOS 9 or higher / Android 4.0.3 or higher
Rating 4.8(5) / 4.6(5)
Developer QuVideo Inc.
Price $2.99


Comparing to VivaVideo, VivaVideo Pro has these extra features below:

  • No watermark
  • No ads
  • Unlimited video length in exporting
  • HD quality export (1080p)
  • Plentiful exclusive & unique effects to use
Key Features of VivaVideo Pro
  • Support 6 camera lenses, including Basic/Selfie/FX/Funny/Music Video/ Collage.
  • Provide photo Slideshow Maker to turn your photos into movie with simple clicks.
  • Offer powerful and easy-to-use editing tools to make your own personalized videos.
  • Offer all free materials for users to download and use.

3. VivaVideo VIP Plan

Although VivaVideo has already multifunctional for it provides users with lots of video editing tools and resources, users can reach even higher VivaVideo using rights by subscribing to its VIP plan. Actually, VivaVideo’s VIP plan shares some similarities with VivaVideo Pro. But if you have downloaded VivaVideo and quite familiar with it, you can simply switch to VivaVideo VIP to unlock the limitations that it has.

As you can see from App Store, there are two VIP plans of VivaVideo – one-month membership and one-year membership.
Note: One-month membership is regarded as the free trial of VivaVideo VIP for new subscribers to experience.
VivaVideo VIP Plan


Extra features that VivaVideo membership provides:

  • Watermark removal
  • No ads
  • Unlock video adjustment
  • HD export (1080p)
  • Animated Text
  • No time limit
  • More than 300 materials

4. How to Download VivaVideo

Have been familiar with VivaVideo's amazing features, now let's move forward to download VivaVideo to your devices. Follow the simple guide below to successfully free download VivaVideo on Android and iOS devices.


VivaVideo Free Download for Android

STEP 1. Click on the download button below to download VivaVideo APK for Android. You can also search for VivaVideo in Google Play directly.


STEP 2. When VivaVideo APK download on Android, click on it to install VivaVideo APP.
STEP 3. Launch VivaVideo and begin editing your own life videos!
Note: You can also free download VivaVideo APK from some APK download platforms such as 9Apps, APKPure, Uptodown, etc.

VivaVideo Download on Android


VivaVideo Pro APK Download

STEP 1. You should note that VivaVideo Pro currently requires users to pay for its download. Therefore, search for VivaVideo Pro in Google Play Store. Then purchase the APP and download VivaVideo Pro APK.
STEP 2. After downloading VivaVideo Pro APK, click on it to install VivaVideo Pro.
STEP 3. Now you’ve got VivaVideo Pro on Android. Open it and starting editing!

Download VivaVideo Pro APK on Android


VivaVideo Free Download for iOS

STEP 1. In App Store, enter VivaVideo and you can simply get VivaVideo latest version.
STEP 2. Click on the download button to install VivaVideo APP on iPhone/iPad.
STEP 3. Start using the amazing VivaVideo editor!

VivaVideo on iOS


How to Download VivaVideo for PC

Currently, VivaVideo for Windows hasn't been released. Therefore, if you want to experience VivaVideo for PC, you can first download an Android emulator.

STEP 1. Download BlueStacks, a popular and powerful Android emulator, from its official website on your PC.
STEP 2. Launch BlueStacks and search for VivaVideo from Play Store.
STEP 3. Download VivaVideo APK to the emulator, then click on it to install VivaVideo APP.
STEP 4. Open VivaVideo APP and enjoy VivaVideo on PC.

5. How to Edit Videos in VivaVideo

If you are a green hand of VivaVideo, you can turn to tutorial here to know some operations on how to edit videos in VivaVideo in this part. Here some basic skills of VivaVideo editing functions will be introduced to you.
How to Import Video/Photo to VivaVideo

STEP 1. In Create interface, go to "Edit" module.
STEP 2. Select video from your local gallery.
STEP 3. Click on "Next", then go to customize the video duration you want to take, or you can import the whole video to VivaVideo for editing.
STEP 4. Finally, submit "Add".
Note: You are able to rotate or clip the video before edition here.

Import Video to VivaVideo


How to Trim or Split the Video

In "Clip edit" section of Edit module, users can use Trim and Split functions to trim or split the select video.
Drag the sliders on both side to select a certain part of video to set the beginning and end of the video.
Select an exact point on the video and turn it into 2 parts.

Split Video in VivaVideo


How to Fast or Slow the Video

There are two ways to change the speed of the video.
Way 1. If you have got one video in your library, you can change the speed of the video through "Edit > Clip edit > Speed" as the post production.

Set Speed


Way 2. Set the speed before shooting a video. In Capture module, tap the gear icon on the upper-right corner. Then you can select the shooting speed directly.



How to Combine Different Videos Together

STEP 1. Select a video and enter the editing interface.
STEP 2. Click on the "+" bubble in the lower-right corner.
STEP 3. You can select video in your Gallery, or capture one diretly.
STEP 4. Finally, click on "Next", and the clips can be merged immediately.

Add Clip


How to Add Multiple Background Music to One Video

STEP 1. Head to "Edit > Effects > Multi Music".
STEP 2. Select one music from VivaVideo song library. Or you can select the ones downloaded in VivaVideo, and those from your devices.
STEP 3. Set the length of the music and click on "Add".
STEP 4. Then VivaVideo will begin to merge the select VivaVideo song to video automatically. Just submit "Finish" to end adding.

Repeat these steps to add different music parts to the video.

Add Multiple Music


1. Slide the white bar on the preview video page to orange part, you can click on "Delete" to remove the music. Additionally, you can change the length of the track by adjusting the two white bar on both side.

Change the Music Length


2. There are two triangle buttons on both side. Enable the one on the left can make the music fade in from lower voice, and the right one is to fade out.

Music Fade in and Fade out


How to Add Text to Video

STEP 1. Head to "Edit > Effects > Text".
STEP 2. Select a text font from the list. Then enter the text in the box. Finally, click on "√" to apply it to the video.
STEP 3. VivaVideo then will automatically match the text with the video automatically. Click on "Finish" to end adding text to the video.

Add Text to Video


1. By removing the white bar back to the green part, you can adjust the length of the part of the video in which you have added text.

Adjust Text Length


2. Click on the orange button on the text box, you can enter the page to select the font, bubble, width, color, etc. of the text again.

Text Settings


How to Add Music to VivaVideo

If you want to add music to VivaVideo to make your video more personalized, VivaVideo also allows you to do so. It's easy to add music to VivaVideo, and you just need to follow the simple steps below.

STEP 1. Go to Edit module in VivaVideo, and select video for editing.
STEP 2. Switch to "THEME" section. Then you can see an option, "Add Muisc", in front of the themes.
STEP 3. Click on "Add Music" and select the music you want to add to VivaVideo.

Add Music to VivaVideo


6. Quick Solutions to Deal with Some Using Errors in VivaVideo

Sometimes when people want to use VivaVideo to edit their videos, some errors may occur. In this section, the most common problems according to VivaVideo users' feedbacks and their solutions are listed here. You can turn to this part to see whether you have encounter with these errors and how to deal with them.

Why I Fail to Import Video/Photo/Music into VivaVideo?

There are 3 reasons that VivaVideo fails to import or scan the video/photo/music on your devices:
1. Unsupported file format
2. Internet videos
3. Overlarge video/photo size

[Tips] VivaVideo Supported Import Format
Video: MP4, 3GP
Photo: JPG, PNG, BMP
Music: MP3, AAC

Or when your materials are disabled by VivaVideo, it is just because you have updated the program. Quit VivaVideo and re-open it again, and the materials can be used.


Why the Video I Record Doesn't Have Sound?

Firstly, you have to make sure whether you have enabled Microphone to VivaVideo on your device.
Then head to the editing video in studio, to check if you have tap on "Mute", which will remove the sound from the video.



How to Deal with Export Failure

After finishing editing the video, click on the Share icon on the upper-right corner will head to the publish page. Here you can also save the edited video to your gallery. But if you fail to export the video, it may results from the problems occurred in theme, captions, transition, FX, etc. that the video has adopted.

Export Video


Take another video without adding any material, then check whether it can be exported.
1. If this video can be exported successfully, it means that the materials contained in the former failed video go wrong. You can try to remove those and save the video again.
2. If this video cannot be exported as well, it is probably that this VivaVideo version is incompatible with your devices. We recommend you to contact VivaVideo's technical team with your problems and enclose with the screenshot. They will help to solve the problem in time.


How to Deal with Share Failure

Mostly, the poor network connection is the main cause of share failure.

1. If the share process stops between 0% and 75%, it means that your network connection is poor or the server is delayed. You can change to another network, or cancel for sharing later.
2. If it stops between 75% and 100%, we recommend you to give a feedback to VivaVideo’s technical team and ask them for help.


Why I Fail to Log in

In most cases, this circumstance is related to the poor network connection of your device. Try to quit VivaVideo and log in again with another network connection.

If you fail to log in for several tries, please contact VivaVideo's technical with your problem and screenshot, and they will help you in time.

7. FAQs

Q What's the requirements for the imported videos?
A Before importing video to VivaVideo, you have to make sure that the video has meet these requirements below:
a. Video format: MP4, 3GP
b. Video resolution: there is no limitation for V5.0.0 or higher. In version lower than V5.0.0, the video resolution should be divisible by 4 (such as 1280x720).

Q Why my original video misses in studio?
A If your video is imported from the gallery on your device, it may miss since you have deleted it from your gallery. Make sure you have saved or exported the edited video before deleting it from local gallery.

Q Why my uploaded video is deleted by Facebook?
A Because Facebook has set its own policy to protect the copyright of some music/video files. You may be blocked because they consider that you have violated it. You should delete it and use your own designed video.

>>View More FAQs<<


User Reviews

VivaVideo is the easiest video editing app I have ever used. It is easy to grasp even I am not those people who are quite familiar with these types of programs. VivaVideo helps me a lot in creating my own videos! --Terry Reed
This multifunctional app is quite useful for editing the videos I shot in my daily life. I am quite satisfied by the themes and FX provided in VivaVideo! --Amy Smith
Professional but easy-to-use program… It's now pretty easy for me to edit and create special videos for my children.Thanks! --Jason Read

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